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It is of course presumptuous for someone in Los Angeles to have a website about beer in Dublin. The pubs listed here are the ones I like to visit when I am in Dublin. I have had a beer in all of them, with the exceptions of the ones listed as "On the To Do List." I have an ulterior motive with those -- I am hoping that someone may provide some feedback on whether they are worth visiting. And also suggest new ones for the list.

Another reason for this website is sheer laziness -- when somebody says "Hey, I'm going to Dublin, where should I go for a beer" I can just point them here.

All the pubs on this guide are worthy of a visit. A few have been singled out for special attention -- those ones are worth a special effort to visit.

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Key to Symbols

Here are some symbols you may see in some of our pub listings.

Fred Top Pick
Dave Top Pick
Fred Honorable Mention
Full menu available.
Live Music
WiFi available
Open 11am or earlier
New entry in the Guide in 2015
New entry in the Guide in 2016
New entry in the Guide in 2017
New entry in the Guide in 2018
Regularly has cask ale
Pilsener Urquell tankovna pub
Specializes in Italian Beers
On the To Do List