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Welcome to A Dublin Beer Guide. It is "A" beer guide rather than "The" beer guide because it in no way intended to be comprehensive. It is a "curated" site -- which just means these are the pubs that a beer geek -- Fred -- happens to like. Fred lives in Los Angeles but he often visits Dublin.

Who is this site for?

We've designed the site with the beer tourist in mind. Whether you're are in Dublin on a dedicated beer trip or you are in town for other reasons (business, family trip, etc.) and just want to try some good local beers.

What this site is not.

This site isn't a comprehensive list of of Dublin pubs. You won't find the cheapest pint of Guinness or what band is playing where. This site is all about the beer.

Find a Pub

You can search the database of pubs a number of ways.

Taken a Dublin (or Irish) beer trip recently? Send us your trip report and we'll gladly publish it here.


We'll try to keep you up to date with new pubs opening and existing pubs closing (or being downgraded) in our news section.

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